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         This portfolio presents two and three dimensional artworks from 1978 to the present.

         The paintings, drawings and collages date from 1977 to 1992. They offer a background for the ongoing sculpture works which include kinetic, formal and biblical themes.

         It is my hope that this site will be of use to individuals, art consultants, church architects or congregations seeking abstract sculpture for their personal, public or Christian spaces.


          Formal design is at the heart of every work. Formal design uses the elements and principles of design to arrange and present the work. Regardless if the work attempts to convey a specific idea or not, the arrangement of the forms, spaces, textures, colors into patterns, eye movement, contrast or harmony will always be central in experiencing the work. Sometimes my work is not linked to or associated with anything but its own visual activity. Just as instrumental music can have meaning without any accompanying lyrics, so visual art can stir thoughts and feelings without an accompanying title or familiar subject matter. ​

        While all works offer visual experience, some use formal design to go further and communicate Biblical or personal content. Again, such work makes no attempt to imitate appearances but does attempt to represent aspects of the content as defined by the title. For me, using formal design to symbolize the dynamics of subject matter produces abstract works. So, in this style, my goals are to: witness to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith and/or explore personal ideas.


        I was born in 1949 and continue to live in northwest Pennsylvania. I graduated from Edinboro University in 1971 and 1975 respectively with a BS and Masters in Art Education and retired after 32 years as a public school art teacher. My wife Carol and I are the parents of three boys and two grandsons.

         Artists who inspire me are David Smith, Joan Mitchell, George Rickey, Richard Diebenkorn and Wassily Kandinsky.


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